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The Water Resources Report is a way to see what is happening in water bodies across the United States. Right now, the Report is not focused on any one organization or area, but the platform it provides can be repurposed for a narrower focus. Hodge.WaterResources, LLC is actively looking for an organization that wants to use the Report platform for something specific to their organization. We can provide the platform, but we need you to provide the content.

To help explain the idea we are calling a campaign, we have provided some examples below. These examples are just supposed to be instructive and we will work with you to make a campaign that fits your organization's needs.

Example 1: Fishing Campaign

Imagine distributing a #hashtag to everyone who applies for a fishing license at the open of fishing season. Then ask everyone to simply share via Twitter pictures of their trophy catches. The Water Resources Report can take that information and provide a quasi-real-time map of what is being caught where. Your organization could begin to track just how many stocked fish are being caught and what water bodies are most popular. You could also make an estimate of holdovers from the previous season's stocking and determine what parts of the fishing season see the highest demand. This type of campaign has the potential to be very interesting to an organization and the people fishing. It also has the potential to be quantitatively informative for future decision making.

Example 2: Water Quality Survey

Imagine your organization collecting secchi disk readings at multiple waterbodies over an entire season. Your organization arranges volunteers and coordinates how to tweet the measurements. The Report platform lets you monitor your volunteers’ findings without any additional coordination. You can monitor how secchi disk measurements evolve at each location over time and over the region of interest.

Starting a Campaign

If you like these ideas, want to modify an idea, or have a totally unique idea, we want to work with you. The best place to start is by getting your organization listed with the Report. Tweet @WatResReport and we'll get started. We look forward to working with you.